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Portfolio Career Podcast

Your host, David Nebinski, will interview professionals that have a portfolio career.  

Each episode will provide stories and actionable insights, lessons learned, and about key skills for you.

What is a Portfolio Career?

You are more than your 9-5. You don’t have a 9-5. You have a key skill that you use across projects. You work on multiple across projects.

You want flexibility and optionality for variety, creativity, and growth.

Sound like you? Tune in!

My friend David has put together a podcast on making a portfolio career a reality. For those who don’t enjoy working in one job 40+ hours a week, David talks to real people who are actively getting income from multiple sources.

This is exactly the type of career I want for myself and it may help others too!
— Chris, who has "been freelancing on and off for a few years now and finally made myself into a formal company."

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