Marina Hadjipateras

From Working On Ships, Ringing the NYSE Bell, and Helping Wellness Innovation

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Published Date: 1/25/19


-Trail Mix Ventures

-Marina’s LinkedIn profile

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: After a few years in NY, Marina joined her family’s business, Dorian, in South Korea. Marina got invaluable hands-on experience that was instrumental to her growth. Learned the nuts and bolts of a business.

-5:00: Worked on taking Dorian public on the New York Stock Exchange.

-6:00: As cofounder of Trail Mix Ventures, Marina provided an overview of how they evaluate the company’s that they invest in. They look to activate relationships for their partners at the right time.

-9:00: An overview on the excitement and interest in the wellness and care economy from founders, investors, and consumers.

-11:00: Overview on Parsley Health and the benefits that they are bringing to healthcare.

-13:00: Building relationships by building trust. Stay in touch. Email often. Big believer in cold emails and cold calls.

-17:00: Be passionate to the point where you have conviction for what you are pitching.

-19:00: Focusing on providing companies the nutrients they need to grow.