Ben Bradbury

Utilizes A Triangle of Key Skills To Meet New People And Grow His Portfolio Career

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Published Date: 8/27/18


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Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Overview of Ben’s triangle of key skills

-6:00: How Ben cold-messaged a “LinkedIn expert” to improve his content on LinkedIn. They started working together and Ben helped launch an e-book of his to get almost 2,000 leads on one piece of content.

-8:00: How Ben decided to turn ghost-writing into a revenue-generating business

-13:00: Ben’s thinking that he is a student for life and is regularly taking notes during meetings and calls

-13:00: It can be dangerous to jump into a big new idea without a plan. Jeff mentions the importance of self-care as well.

-22:00: How Ben got hooked on building something bigger than himself

-24:00: Focusing on your unfair advantage. How Ben got to work with Mark Leruste on his TED Talk in Cardiff. And, how Ben worked on launching a book on LinkedIn that became an Amazon bestseller.

-29:00: Having a portfolio career gives you the ability to react to people in a much more meaningful way.