Christina Wallace

Educating Others On Her And The Portfolio Career Story


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:30: The common theme among Christina’s many projects

-4:45: Portfolio Career Podcast was inspired by Christina’s article in Forbes. Christina explains the article in more detail. Christina explains in detail about her portfolio career.

-11:00: The relationship and conversation of working at a company and having a side project. How having side projects (like a podcast) can help employee productivity and performance.

-14:00: Overview on a Human Venn Diagram and how it relates to Christina’s podcast

-18:00: The three questions Christina asks when people ask for career advice and an example from Christina’s own experience

-23:00: Emerging and key skills for a portfolio career: 1) technical/coding/building websites; 2) data scientist/data analysis; and 3) effective and concise writing and communication. Discussed David’s outreach approach to Christina to be a guest on the podcast — make it easy for people to say yes, not no.

-28:00: A portfolio career gives you options and mini bets

-34:00: Overview on new book that Christina wrote with the CEO of Bionic, and how it was viewed as an experiment.