Rebecca Garcia

Empowering and Coaching Women In Tech

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Published Date: 7/25/19


1) Rebecca’s website

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4) Places to look for freelance and contract work: Vitamin T, Aquent, Creative Circle, and Catchafire

Episode Notes (by minute):

-2:00: The one or two things that most people get wrong with their resumes, breaking into the technology sector, and getting into interviews. Taking your existing skills and experiences and framing that on your resume.

-4:00: How Rebecca started coding at an early-age. “It’s amazing how you can use tech to just make the world a better place.”

-6:00: How Rebecca started worked at DoSomething.Org and loved the idea of using technology to help people.

-7:00: How Rebecca thinks your portfolio of skills is so important, and transitioning is never easy but always ends up being very rewarding. Rebecca talks about her current role at Syndio, which aligns with her experiences, interests, and passions.

-12:00: How messaging is very important to express her current focus when talking to people and also when looking for a new role. Rebecca expresses how important the idea of magnetism is to obtain high-quality opportunities and relationships, which also take time.

-17:30: Rebecca recommends for people to take their time and to strategize about transitions. She lists some great contract and freelancing agencies to boost your confidence, relationships, and experience before truly going after something that you want.

-22:00: An overview of Rebecca’s coaching work and expertise. She talks about the interviewing and hiring process and steps in more detail.

-26:00: How self-care is also important during a career transition.

-28:00: Rebecca hints at some upcoming content freebies and her new upcoming podcast, A Life Well-Hacked.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)