Daniel Stillman

Designing Conversations and Workshops


Episode Notes (by minute):

-2:00: A quick overview on conversation design and some examples of how it could be applied to your existing, everyday life and work

-7:00: How Daniel thinks about being a solopreneur, while scaling his message and impact

-8:30: How Daniel has found and collaborated with strategic partners

-11:00: How conversation design can extend beyond an initial conversation to potentially plan for all of that

-12:00: How Daniel is inspired by Danny Meyer’s work and book, Setting The Table, and the implications of it in experience and conversation design

-15:00: The “5 E’s” of Experience Design and how it can be related to conversation design

-20:00: How Daniel has found some client and work, and how hosting and leading workshops factor into it.

-24:00: How to think about same-side selling and Ian Altman’s book and work.

-26:00: An overview on Daniel’s Conversation Operating system. Daniel has broken into down into 9 components for any conversation. This work is foundation for Daniel’s podcast and his upcoming book.

-27:30: David and Daniel have a free-form, turn-taking dialogue on the podcast about potential elements of a conversation.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David Nebinski. Please see the episode for more accurate information)