Producing Art Inside The Cave and Out

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Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: “I’m a Jeremy of all trades”

-3:00: How Jeremy started building skills, relationships, and opportunities while in college

-4:20: How Odd Job Nation was created as part comedy and part functional. But then CNN picked up the story and then Jeremy thankfully decided to build a company from it

-7:00: Advice that Jeremy got from mentors on building relationships.

-9:00: Odd Job Nation created the baseline for Jeremy to explore new ideas and projects that led to a TV development deal.

-11:00: Jeremy likes to experiment on new ideas. From which, Third Street Blackout was created and Jeremy was the director to the feature film.

-13:00: Inception story of CaveDay, a productivity workshop and community. They tested the experiment with friends and then Fast Company featured them, and they double-down on their efforts to grow the company.

-16:00: “One of the things about a portfolio career that is really valuable is that you get to choose how you spend your time”

-17:00: Leading Third Street Blackout was really fulfilling because he was leading a project and team.

-18:00: Focusing on self-care and self-love. Some times it is OK to have a rebuilding year like in sports. Importance on being generous and having a direct relationship with your work.

-23:00: Keeping a running ledger of ideas and pursing the “eye-brow test"

-28:00: The benefits and potentially downsides of having a portfolio career. You could be hiding something.