Jeff Peterson

Doing Things That Make People Happy Makes Him Happy Through Medicine and Community

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Published Date: 9/8/18


-Jeff’s LinkedIn profile

-A Bit Cryptic podcast

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:30: How Jeff got into science and medicine initially

-5:30: How Jeff likes to work on things that make people happy and his Thought Leader dinner series in Florida. And the powerful personal experience Jeff volunteering in South America.

-10:00: Career advice to students — do your own learning and learn as much as you can. In college, Jeff pushed himself to have social skills that didn’t come naturally to him.

-9:45: How being a counselor in a study abroad program was formative

-13:00: It can be dangerous to jump into a big new idea without a plan. Jeff mentions the importance of self-care as well.

-15:00: The origin story of A Bit Cryptic podcast, a blockchain podcast

-19:00: Learn from others that you respect in a way that is digest-able to you. Create own your personal board of advisors.

-24:00: Teach yourself as much as you can until you can see the bigger picture. Make sure you are always growing.