Austen Allred

Teaching Students to Code and Grow

David Nebinski and Austen Allred Lambda School Portfolio Career Podcast.jpg

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: High-level overview and origin story of Lambda School

-5:30: Business model pivot after sending a personalized email to learn customer insights. From which, they applied to Y Combinator in San Francisco and got in.

-8:30: A lot of Lambda School students come to Lambda School because they do not have many other options. “It requires a lot of work and a lot of transformation from the student…. If you’re willing to put in the work, we can get you there.”

-13:00: The importance of showcasing your work and what’re your learning

-13:30: Origin story behind Secret Sauce book. Austen was broke. He understood growth marketing very well. Had been blogging about it for years. Decided to turn into a book and send it out with his resume.

-16:00: Potential vision for Lambda School. Success stories of Lambda School students.

-20:00: The human transformation stories of Lambda School students. Very emotional.