AleXA Eden

Striking An Urban Wellness Balance


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Urban Wellness = physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and mental wellbeing.

-3:00: The origin story of her #StrikeABalance movement started when she was working at Equinox

-5:00: Friends gave her transformation advice and what they said in passing. How Alexa thinks about setting herself up for success when she left Equinox to start her own company. The key was having financial stability and surrounding herself with communities to support her.

-10:00: How she works with companies and individuals. The beauty behind her name and her work.

-12:00: The underground meditation series of activations she did - Transformation Transportation - because of the lack of emotional connection seen on the subway in New York. It was activated after seeing an experience on the subway that moved her.

-20:00: Two tips on how to design your life, and how think about certain events and opportunities.

-24:00: An overview on some of her work as an event co-producer.

-26:00: The change Alexa is seeking to make.

-29:00: Desire to STOP scrolling for the life she wanted and to make it happen instead. Important to understand how technology is helping or hurting our goals and ambitions.