Chris Sparks

Enabling Productivity Inflection Points


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-1:30: Overview of Chris’s day-to-day of deconstructing and distilling the habits and systems of top performers

-2:00: Chris explains the context and insights behind the quote on his website: “all of life is like poker, making decisions with incomplete information.”

-5:00: “Progress is ensured through measurement and reflection.”

-9:00: How Chris thinks people should think allocating resources and that we are a “work in progress.” We leverage our ability to what is valued. “The biggest bottleneck to progress is that we don’t actually know what we want.”

-12:00: How Chris thinks about time in terms of it as a power law. We tend to undervalue things that are intangible.

-17:30: Chris’s shift that he now treats conversation as his most productive activity.

-22:00: The keystone habits Chris recommends for a productive day. Chris’s core value to the world: learning as much as he can and translating that to forms that are useful to other people.

-26:00: How Chris treats each day like it could be a perfect day. He spends one hour doing the most important thing, every single day. After completing that, the rest of the day is a bonus in Chris’s opinion.

-29:00: Chris mentions his performance coaching company, The Forcing Function. He also talks about the projects he is most excited about: 1) an 85-page workbook (detailed in the coming second podcast episode); and 2) his coming book, Inflection Point.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the specific information)