Frank DenBOW

Building a Community For Self-Funded Entrepreneurs and Projects


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:40: Inception and founding story of INK’A (Startup Threads) and how Frank got involved in New York Tech and Business Ecosystem

-6:00: Advice for founders starting out

-7:00: Networking at Events and How to Add Value to Any Type of Business and/or Business Leader

-9:45: Reasoning behind Frank’s “Who is Hiring” Facebook Posts and employment stories happening behind the scenes.

-12:30: Hank Williams

-15:00: Inspiration, origin story, and vision of Inflection

-20:00: Career Advice after having many different roles

-23:00: The value of product marketing consulting of Sage Labs

-26:30: Advice from a friend - “you are what you always do” (regarding Inflection and Frank’s vision and the community is building)

-28:50: Inflection 2019 vision and plans

-29:50: People want to have a fairly tale career and story, but in reality….