Nikki Goldman

Listening to Help Leaders Unlock Their Potential


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-3:00: Overview of I/O Coaching

-6:00: Nikki’s “signature strength” is listening. She mentions three levels of listening. Listening skills are built by asking questions and defaulting to questions over answers.

-9:20: Listening takes practice and why coaching is so effective.

-9:45: Lessons learned from building WayUp as a founding member. People are a company’s most important asset.

-12:00: Identifying blind spots and the deep personal relationships within coaching

-14:00: Seeing employee retention challenges and high costs of recruiting broadly while at WayUp led to her founding I/O Coaching.

-17:00: Taking ownership of your communication is the most important skill for early careers. Communicating your value and to your coworkers.

-21:00: Nikki loves her job. She knows this is rare. As such, it is possible to frame your mindset to improve current outlook by gratitude

-22:00: Using appreciative inquiry to frame questions to be strength-based