Earle Richards

Using Insights To Optimize Performance


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Calls Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Grow Rich community his tribe

-3:00: Data analysis skill set and how Earle uses data to help his clients answer their questions. Earle grew up in the Virgin Islands and was the first of his classmates to get a computer which began his interest of technology.

-5:00: Earle’s key takeaway from David Allen’s Getting Things Done book — your mind was made for thinking and creating things not necessarily storing things. Likes to experiment on personal development — the most impactful habit recently has been a daily meditation practice.

-8:00: Focusing on managing the four types of energy

-9:00: All personal development experiments are “personal”

-11:00: Thinking about oneself as a product and to iterate for optimal experience for user and customer. Using this information, Earle has recently stopped consuming alcohol when he goes. Seeing a lot of improvements from this cascading to other parts of his life.

-16:00: Doesn’t see a lot of benefits of separating work and personal life.

-18:00: Designing your life is a lot like solving problems. Many ways to do so. Pick the one that you choose. Put all your career options on a mindmap or big piece of paper

-20:00: Used to have a limiting belief on bothering people instead of reaching out to meet for coffee. Not anymore. As such, Earle is happy to serve as a resource to others.

-23:00: Discusses his technological workflow and process to optimize his time and to be efficient. The importance on giving yourself credit for the great work you have already accomplished.

(Notes are unofficial takeaways by David. Please see podcast for full information!)