Howard Gray

using lowercase skills and building projects in a new city


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-1:00: What Howard has most learned about professional differences in New York compared to London. People in NY generally want to help your ideas and see you make progress on them.

-3:00: Advice on starting an event series or a new blog. Lessons learned from Howard’s regular blogging and morning pages.

-7:30: Discussion of Howard’s Lowercase skills blog post — where his inspiration came from, what are lowercase skills, how they can be used,

-15:00: Howard focuses on working on themes/sections — entertainment, education, experiences, and entrepreneurship.

-18:00: How Howard picks new projects, anticipates and plans for “The Dip,” and that is OK to “pause” projects too.

-25:00: Howard recently sent a quick (for me) survey newsletter to fill out related to insights, content, and how potentially help him create content for me and/or others.

-29:00: Suggests using the Pomodoro Technique for work sprints and to think about energy utilization and optimization based on time of day

-31:00: Howard’s fascination with tension, and its implications for work and the choices we make.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the interview and information)