Kean Gardner

Teaching Us About His Projects in Dance, Travel, Personal Finance, Property Management While Also Being a NYC Comedian

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Published Date: 8/21/18


1) Kean’s Instagram account

2) 750 words for daily writing

Episode Notes (by minute):

-1:30: A quick overview on the many projects, skillsets, and experiences that Kean has

-7:30: How Kean collaborated with Mos Def years ago

-8:30: “And I was young. So I just said yes to everything without thinking of like, what kind of future any of that meant.”

-11:00: How Kean initially went to free public school at a community college.

-13:00: “So I was trying to mitigate risk from both ends, and segmenting my interests in the same way.”

-16:00: Kean talks in more detail about growing his dancing craft and services in it.

-21:00: Kean gets inspired by people putting out daily work and content, like Gary Vaynerchuck

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)