Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy

Getting Sh*t Done for Her And You

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Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:10: Execution Strategist > take a holistic look at people’s resources and circumstances and create an actionable plan to move-forward. This recent discovery came after talking a course on finding clarity.

-10:00: Transformative experience living in the Long Island. Exposure to new business ideas, people, mindsets, and opportunities like never before.

-7:00: Networking at Events and How to Add Value to Any Type of Business and/or Business Leader

-12:00: The GSD Summit started by accident. Her prior workshops were designed to focus on existing resources, time-constrained like hack-a-thons.

-15:00: The story behind The Art of Getting Sh*t Done book. A tale of the creative journey of a writer before a break-through.

-20:00: The Power of Broke and using your hustle muscle

-23:00: Annual Help With Anything practice. Encouraging others to have a regular practice of gratitude.

-28:00: “I love helping people get sh*t done”