Nataliya Makulova

Creating Balance and Energy for Fashion Business and Each Other


Episode Notes (by minute):

-3:00: How creating a community and in-person events led to some consulting work

-6:00: “to me when I’m bored, it means that I’m doing something wrong, or I’m not following my truest path, or I’m not being true to myself.”

-8:00: An overview on Balanced Fashion and the movement behind it

-13:00: How Nataliya got into astrology and human design

-15:00: How Nataliya thinks about self-development

-22:00: An overview on tarot card reading

-25:00: How Nataliya picks projects by focusing on her intuition and the energy that may come from it

-29:00: How meaningful coaching and helping people with their relationships is to Nataliya

-31:00: How dancing is a form of therapy

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)