Alex DiPalma

Producing Podcasts And Teaching Others How To Produce Their Own


Episode Notes (by minute):

-2:00: An overview and the origin story of The Podcasting Fellowship, which Alex teaches with Seth Godin, that David was a student in.

-5:00: How Alex’s work varies from podcast to podcast

-6:30: How Alex started building up her portfolio of work and at one point thought her career was taking a detour.

-10:00: In addition to her 9-5 job, how Alex picks freelance projects to work on. And how it has been a game-changer for her in the last two years.

-16:00: How Alex follows a rule of a friend to “don’t give away your time and energy for free.”

-18:00: Alex asks David about my takeaways and lessons learned from The Podcasting Fellowship.

-20:00: Alex mentions other podcasting resources

-21:00: Alex and David discuss branded and business podcasting trends

-24:00: Alex aims to pick projects and work on what is going to be fun

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)