Stephen Warley

Helping You Start Or Grow Your Self-Employment Business


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:22: Believes work is fundamentally going to change. Going to look a lot like self-employment. People are more capable of doing so than they give themselves credit for.

-4:00: Stephen’s self-employment journey. There is no scenario that Stephen could ever work for somebody in the traditional sense again.

-6:00: “I believe everyone has the potential to get paid for just being themselves”. Four fundamental trends changing work.

-7:00: “I always remind people that you are the first resource for your business and you are also its biggest obstacle”

-8:00: Self-reflection is the key. Not external validation.

-10:00: Stephen’s mission is to help as many people as possible to work for themselves

-11:00: Overview of Life Skills that Matter Accelerator

-13:00: How Stephen designs his calendar, time, and energy

-16:00: Reflecting back on past experiences provides context to what you naturally like to do and are good at

-20:00: The benefits of habits and learning sprints, and benefits of journaling

-30:00: “If you are not challenging yourself, that’s detrimental to your career.” Research says self-employed people are two or three times more than likely to be learning new skills.

-36:00: Particular thoughts on a portfolio career and how it might particularly resonate with a certain group of people.