Casey FEnton

Have Your Friends Help Your Identity


Episode Notes (by minute):

-0:10: “A lot of the paths or gates in life could open for us because of trust. People are constantly waiting to know if they can trust you.”

-2:00: Casey talks about building and scaling trust, and was a trust and reputation system company for 20,000,000 users globally.

-5:00: Casey’s work and interest on human identity and how to become the person that we want to be — having your friends help you.

-8:00: How our brains are pattern matching machines, making it important for us to match it with information that we are initially interested in.

-12:00: A quote that Casey has lived by for the last 25 years after growing up in a small town in New Hampshire — “increasing the intensity, diversity, and frequency of experiences.”

-12:30: “it’s almost like striking matches in a dark room to see what’s there.”

-16:00: How Casey thinks about startups and evaluating what kind of startup to work at. Casey tries to focus closer and closer to human’s basic needs.

-18:00: A quick overview on Casey’s current company, Upstock. The company can be summarized as worker equity-as-a-service. This solves a basic need to be able to split company ownership in an aligned, trusted, and empowering way for all.

-20:00: Casey recommends people to study game theory and prisoner’s dilemma to understand the environments that people are currently living in.

-21:00: Casey is writing a new book that extends beyond and that is focused on human identity, ego, and how to work on those to improve them for social good and quality of life.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)