Jonny Goldstein

Whiteboarding, Drawing, Teaching, and Empowering Creativity For A Portfolio Career

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Published Date: 9/5/18


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-Jonny’s personal website

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-1:30: Overview of whiteboarding (graphical recording of visual notes) during events and conferences

-5:45: How Jonny suddenly became a “professional”

-7:00: How working outdoors on a boat helped shape Jonny’s

-9:45: How being a counselor in a study abroad program was formative

-15:00: The diversity of his clients allows for resiliency

-18:00: Interested in creativity coaching and podcasting and became certified productivity coach through BJ Fogg’s work and program

-23:00: How Jonny is thinking about education for his daughter

-28:00: Balancing how to give away your time and energy to build your brand and business without giving away your time for free. Make sure to set boundaries.

-32:00: Importance to leave your phone at home to create new habits and find new creativity