Dennis Sarkozy

Bloom Where You Are Planted


Episode Notes (by minute):

-3:00: An overview on how to be a facilitator. Look for the smallest possible speaking opportunities. Lead small group discussions, including a brunch.

-3:30: “facilitation is exerting any amount of design or control over the way a social interaction would form….. a facilitator is looking to create a prompt, create a situation, create a container by which members of the audience can experience a topic ”

-6:30: Dennis provides his journey to becoming an adult in NYC and how he first found Personal Development Nerds, which is now on the leadership team of.

-13:30: How Dennis thinks about developing ideas and relationships, and building upon momentum.

-17:00: How Dennis thinks about lifestyle design and the opportunity to start “anew” each day and mapping the 12 priorities of life.

-19:00: How Dennis thinks about relationships, career and legacy

-23:00: Dennis provides some examples of great questions to ask to better connect with someone.

-27:00: How Dennis thinks about storytelling arcs and where Dennis learned to improve his storytelling skills during conversation.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David Nebinski. Please see the episode for more accurate information)