Nick KengMana

Change Narrative, Change Direction

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Published Date: 10/3/19

Resources and Show Notes:

1) Nick’s website

2) Go Beyond Mastermind

Episode Notes (by minute):

-3:00: Nick gives a brief overview on his mastermind retreat in Spain, Go Beyond.

-4:30: Nick describes the evolution and workshopping of ideas and opportunities behind and before launching Go Beyond.

-8:00: How Nick focused on changing his narrative and story around the transition he was going through.

-12:00: How Nick checks-in on his state of happiness and ways you can do so as well.

-14:00: Why Nick is so intentional with surrounding himself with “givers”

-16:00: How Nick’s mastermind retreat is based on learning sciences.

-22:00: How Nick thinks about “impact” and how Nick thinks one of the most selfish things to do is to be unselfish.

-24:00: An overview on the convergent and divergent mental model, and how Nick believes that much of your career can be cyclical.

-28:00: How Nick thinks about purpose and the deep work that people should look to do

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David Nebinski. Please see the episode for more accurate information)