Nate Cooper

A CTO, CMO, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Podcaster


Episode Notes (by minute):

-2:00: How teaching and writing has been a core of Nate’s work.

-3:00: The type of people that Nate likes to work with, and how he often finds new clients

-4:00: “I just see money as another tool in sort of like…. the overall way you kind of construct a business or your life”

-6:00: Nate studied film and digital media in college and is grateful for the people he met in that experience. Nate also learned a critical thinking skills and creative approaches on building projects.

-8:30: How Nate became a better writer by studying humanities. He also believes writing is under-valued in the “workforce.”

-9:00: Nate’s reflections on founding Reboot Labs, a startup, in New York. One big takeaway was to be more confident with his own skill-set. Nate mentions the importance of accounting and financial analysis in starting a company.

-12:00: “I’d rather just kind of focus on doing good work and having results rather than getting to this new achievement in the press, as opposed to having an impact.”

-13:00: An overview on Nate’s podcast and the ambitions behind it. Some of which was for personal development and overcoming fear of putting himself out there. '“A big thing that keeps coming up is what happens when you get stuck.”

-18:00: “Most people I know who have really successful businesses… it’s really about survival mode, when you push yourself and you have no choice, other than to figure out what to do next, it really forces you to kind of come up with solutions”

-21:00: Discussion on long-term building and planning vs short-term incentives, and the related psychology of it all.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)