BONUS: David on-MIc and Q&A


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-0:01: Overview on bonus episode 50. Thank you to everyone who has listened, supported, and helped me create this podcast. How New York changed me and opened up my worldview.

-1:30: My Portfolio Career Podcast idea was incubated and then eventually created in The Podcasting Fellowship led by Seth Godin and Alexandra DiPalma during the summer of 2018. A little bit more about my views on living a Portfolio Career lifestyle.

-4:30: Question from Maria Xenidou about key moments in my journey: moving to San Francisco, moving to New York, and starting my podcast.

-7:00: Question from Morgane Michael related to starting a new project, entering a new field, and building new relationships.

-9:30: Question from Kean Gardner asking for 3 things that I have learned through my 48 interviews including one with him!

-10:30: Question from Gabrielle Pitman related to education, life-long learning and future of work

-15:00: How being a podcaster feels like starting a company. I think about my podcast all of the time. Two behind-the-scenes and fun stories from prior interviews.

-17:00: My views on the portfolio career sector and the opportunity for you to build and grow your portfolio career.

-18:00: In future episodes, I am also interested in interviewing builders of just-launched projects and authors of books as well. Hope that is you! Thank you again!

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the specific information)