Scott Pollack

Business Development and Professional Communities with Firneo


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-1:45: Discussion on Scott’s recent blog post, Don’t Rely On Your Career Commas, and ways to move-forward beyond your commas [company].

-4:00: Scott started Firneo to build professional development communities.

-6:00: How people do a disservice to themselves and to their relationships when they only think about those relationships when they need something.

-8:00: How people tend to “microwave” relationships and how that is not effective. Scott provides an idea on how to provide more meaningful relationship touch-points with people without an “ask.”

-11:00: Scott’s journey into business development and how and why he started to create and build resources for people who felt like “professional ugly ducklings.”

-15:00: How Firneo is helping people form professional relationships in new and emerging sectors, fields, and jobs that largely did not exist just a few years ago. Therefore, the existing support structures have not been in-place to help people grow their professional relationships.

-17:00: Areas that people could improve upon how they think and act as a professional in business development.

-20:00: Scott suggests that people should establish their own credentials and invest into their own reputation as someone that contributes and shares knowledge.

-21:00: “in the future, building successful careers is that you have your own optionality to create.”

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the specific information)