Erin Claire Jones

Helping People and Teams Based On Human Design


Episode Notes (by minute):

-2:00: A high-level on Human Design, which is a personal development system that kind of gives us access to our energetic DNA and helps us understand how we are each uniquely wired to operate.

-2:30: Erin Claire provides an overview on the different types of Human Design while also mentioning that there are 2 billion different and unique configurations. There is a strategy for each type as well.

-6:00: An overview on the changes and adjustments that Erin Claire has seen as a coach to executives and leaders.

-9:00: “And so when you actually give people permission to be themselves…. it allows that team to actually be more functional and harmonious and actually bring their vision to light,”

-13:00: “you know, often I’ll sit with people, and they are like “oh, my gosh, if only my boss could hear this.”

-14:30: Erin Claire provides an overview on a recent conversation with a client

-15:00: Erin Claire provides an overview on her experience slowly growing her now full-time coaching business while being Director of Programming at The Assemblage.

-20:00: “I just learned to really trust the timing of things… it’s not a thing you can force.”

-20:30: Erin Claire discusses another recent conversation with a friend whose business is doing well, but it is not really giving her energy.

-22:00: “the whole point of Human Design is actually about removing ourselves from our minds and into our bodies, which actually know what is right for us.”

-23:00: “one other piece I would share is just that, like, we need each other.”

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)