Chelsea Rustrum

Being an Early Adopter Creates Opportunities

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Published Date: 3/4/19


-Chelsea’s website

-Chelsea’s Facebook profile

-Blox 7, Chelsea’s blockchain company that she cofounded

-Alchemy Spaces, Chelsea’s new economy retreat center in Italy

-Blog: 49 Questions to Ask Instead of “What Do You Do?”

-Blog: Gigs Not Jobs

-Book: It’s a Shareable Life

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-1:30: How Chelsea tends to introduce herself. She wrote a blog post titled, 49 questions to ask instead of “what do you do"?” (see resource to the left).

-3:00: All of her projects, work, and interests are interrelated. Her current framework now is: “does this give me joy, feel purposeful and meaningful to the world.” How she initially got started with technology and the sharing economy before writing a book on it and being in a related documentary.

-8:00: A good mindset to have when going to events and meeting new people. Important to focus on finding a mutual benefit for the relationship.

-11:00: “there is an art to writing an email. And it is very important to master.”

-15:00: Chelsea’s writing practice, and how a lot of ideas and execution happens early in the morning. Her writing style has evolved as well too — her business and personal writing are now blended together even more.

-17:00: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

-18:00: “when I stopped doing that, my whole completely, completely changed”

-20:00: How Chelsea generally finds new work. Her technical skills at an early age has always helped her. In emerging technologies, people are generally more open and have availability to talk.

-23:00: How Chelsea does not identify with the word “career.” She focuses on what does she want her life to look like and what kind of people does she want to work with and values and value sets within that.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the interview and information)