Erica Blair

Big Projects From Anywhere In The World


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-3:00: “I like having a ton of experiences that allow me to look in different mirrors all the time and see different angles of who I am and what I have to offer.” Likes to create optionality with her work, even while working on big projects and being location independent.

-4:00: Being a digital nomad is not a job title. “I think you would be surprised by how many people understand that working remotely is just par for the course for hiring good talent.”

-9:00: How Erica unexpectedly started working on branding for business owners and leaders.

-12:00: People will judge your value based on the price you provide them. “…Price my services at a point that was higher than I was comfortable charging at that time.”

-14:00: Relationships and referrals have been the source of Erica's projects for the last 6-8 years

-16:00: “…you may even not realize it that what a goldmine you’re sitting on. Sometimes all it takes is a Facebook post that says, “hey, I’m working on this. I’m doing this now. Do you know anybody who would benefit from that?”

-23:00: Overview on some projects including a global economic summit and a decentralized agency to provide synergies among freelancers.

-29:00: Trust. Trust to find opportunities. Trust that things will work out, even when you take a leap.

-33:00: Discussing the “You Cannot Make It As A Wondering Generality. You must become a Meaningful Specific.

(Notes above are based on David’s takeaways.)