Jerome Lamaar

The Style Monk

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Published Date: 4/24/19


1) Jerome LaMaar’s Instagram account

2) Jerome LaMaar’s website

3) Article about Jerome and the jacket Beyonce wore

4) Jerome in New York Times about the Bronx

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Jerome’s futuristic views and focus affecting culture

-2:30: How Jerome started working with Baby Phat when he was 15 — calling them every day for a job.

-6:30: “pulling what you need and want towards you, not just by will, but also by action”

-7:00: Jerome’s morning ritual of waking up at 4:30AM, even when he works in Los Angeles.

-10:00: How Jerome presents himself in meetings with corporate clients like Google and Proctor & Gamble, as examples.

-15:30: How authenticity is key to have brand partnerships with Google Pixel and Lyft like Jerome has

-20:00: The book that Jerome is working on because of his unexpected and paralleled journey coming from and revitalization of South Bronx,

-24:00: How Jerome started selling to Beyoncé and other celebrities for his fashion brand. And the eventual direct-to-consumer sales Jerome did through Instagram in 2013-2014.

-32:00: “put effort into everything that you do. It has to be intentional in everything you do… I think when you have good intentions, great things can come from it.”

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the specific information)