Jay CLouse

Helping You Live A Life Of Your Own Design


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Writing has been the through line through all of Jay’s work. Seeing entrepreneurship in Business Builders club at Ohio State fundamentally broke Jay’s prior worldview.

-5:00: While working at a startup as a product manager, Jay worked through a coach who empowered Jay to write and to be a “creative.” Writing has then always been the north star for Jay — finding new professional opportunities, understanding thoughts, and more

-7:30: Believes personal branding and marketing is one of the biggest missed opportunities for people

-10:00: Overview on Unreal Collection, an accelerator and community for freelancers, founders, and creatives. In addition to other aspects, Jay aims to help members with a “referral toolkit” — to help your existing clients be an unpaid army of advocates for you.

-14:00: 50% of total population is expected to be freelancing by year 2027. Freelancing can be tough financially. The best approach is a full-stack freelancer type of approach.

-16:00: Origin story and overview of Upside podcast

-20:00: Prioritizing time and objectives discussion. Focusing on long-term assets and content at the moment, compared to client work.

-22:00: Career advice and overview on The Podcasting Fellowship where Jay and I collaborated together in

-24:00: Jay’s written work and courses with LinkedIn. A new one will be available February 2019! Discussion on starting and ending projects,

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the interview and information)