Enabling You to Showcase and Share Your Portfolio Career With Mural


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Ajay is founder/CEO of Mural. “Our version of the world is one in which people can lead with things they’ve done and things they are proud of, and not rely on just job titles or company names.”

-6:00: “find the most responsible itch to scratch. And you know, I think over time, the fear has gone away.”

-7:00: Three foundations for finding work for Ajay: 1) does it help him find his purpose; 2) does it move the world forward; and 3) that be work that Ajay likes doing.

-10:00: An overview on Ajay’s work with Tala and how he was really interested in the founder and that Tala was solving a big problem.

-12:00: “I think the thing about a portfolio career is that your narrative becomes non-traditional. And I think that you need to be deliberate about how you tell your story.”

-16:00: Regarding career advice for people with portfolio careers: 1) focus on outcomes; 2) be able to speak to what you learned and be able to share with that others; and 3) transferability of the skills and work and ideally create templates.

-19:00: Ajay believes non-traditional workers need to create their advisory board to keep you in-check and updated on progress and blind spots.

-22:00: Lessons learned from working in different fields and staying in touch with people

-25:00: An overview on the product roadmap for Mural

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the interview and information)