Multiple Projects Is Imperative For Personal Development and Happiness


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-3:00: All of her work is in the vein of well-being, wellness, food, and personal health

-6:00: Alina’s journey through many different types of internships and projects until seeing a way to have an impact as nutritionist and dietitian at Michelin-star restaurant in NY

-9:20: Her role at Aero Farms which is a little bit of everything

-11:00: “I think my biggest nightmare would be to go to a job where I only do one or two things and where my role is very narrow and specific.”

-15:00: Some of the projects have been developing for many years. Some move fast and a different speeds during different times.

-17:00: Inspiration by We Are Supernatural and the need for community, inspiration, and connection

-22:00: Working on a lot of projects fuels growth and personal development

-25:00: Always have something to look forward to. It is imperative to have some kind of side-hustle or creative project.

-32:00: An unexpected coffee meeting turned into the Pause project a year later. At first it didn’t make any sense, but it eventually turned into something more.