Darrah Brustein

Life By Design, Not By Default


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Overview and story behind Darrah’s 10 year anniversary of being self-employed Facebook post. She wants her social media account to also not be just the “highlight reel”. Wanted to invoke insight and inspiration that others could have a life like hers too.

-5:00: "Throw your hat into the ring” and references Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way book.

-6:00: The importance of relationships and community into your wellbeing and your growth. As such, you should look to have them help you. Please see this example on how to do so. Your close network can also also you see your blind spots.

-13:00: How to design your life. The first step is to understand your intention. Journal different ideas and feelings to brainstorm, curate, and connect ideas

-17:00: The Live a Life by Design summit is a precursor to a book and to accelerate other people’s lives. The summit then also led to two big unexpected business opportunities.

-21:00: The three-step easy framework in picking new projects that Deepak Chopra has provided to her.

-22:00: How Darrah thinks about mentoring broadly and co-mentoring, specifically.

-25:00: “I’ve just been the type of person that follows my instincts. And if I have the energy and time capacity to pour into something that I believe will be in true utilization of my unique gifts and skills, and matches a need of other people, then I’m all about it."

-26:00: “I’m really a big believer in reverse engineering your career.” Darrah talks about assigning numbers and values based on needs, resources, and goals.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the interview and information)