Tiago Forte

Creating Products and Services to Fund His Learning


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Discussion of Tiago’s The Rise of The Full-Stack Freelancer article and his career journey

-2:45: Advice to package learnings into a product right at the end of a career transition. Most people move-on to the next thing. Tiago suggests to share what you learned for others.

-5:00: Ways and examples of packaging content and ideas into blog posts, courses, and so much more

-7:00: How Tiago listens to his intuition on deciding what’s next for his career

-8:00: Building a Second Brain and Tiago is teaching a deep skill of knowledge management

-14:00: In-depth discussion on The Rise of The Full-Stack Freelancer article and how it came because of people thinking he was a certain type of person because on a certain type of role, even though he was working on multiple projects.

-15:00: “I see myself as a learner, I learn for a living and the way I fund my learning is by packaging up what I learned into products that other people can take advantage of”

-15:30: “I think that’s most going to change in the future is not the thing you’re doing, the one thing you’re doing, it’s the fact that you won’t have to choose one thing, you’ll be able to have this entire portfolio that’s mixing and matching and balancing very much like an investor portfolio.”

-22:00: Think of work in terms of modules and intermediate packets. Goal is to create one thing of tangible value every day.

-26:00: Career advice: start making things and publishing them as early and often as possible. Making things is going to fundamental to your identity and reputation online. It will lead to more interesting things than you can imagine.