Michelle Florendo

Decision Engineering and Decision Making


Episode Notes (by minute):

-1:30: A quick overview on Michelle’s current focus and expertise in decision-making and decision-engineering.

-3:00: “And what I found is that, even though, decisions are something that we have to make every single day, and sometimes we’re faced with really big ones, most people have been taught an actual process.”

-3:30: Michelle provides an overview and breakdown that every decision has three parts: 1) what are the objectives? 2) what is it that you want in an outcome? and 3) what are your options?

-7:00: A discussion on Michelle’s “Upgrading Your Decision Making” toolkit

-12:00: How Michelle figured out how to use her skills, expertise, and expertise as a management consultant into helping herself make decisions and then others as well.

-17:00: How Michelle believes decision-making is a person exercising their agency. “When you get to a point where you see decisions as empowering, it’s because you can see that you can use decisions to create the world they want.”

-18:00: Why Michelle created the guide to untangle and simplify decision-making.

-21:00: How a person’s objectives can change and thus their decision-making habits may need to change as well.

-22:00: An overview on some of the work that Michelle has done at the Design Your Life class at Stanford.

-22:30: “what I love about this idea of a portfolio career is that it allows people to flesh out two of those areas of decision-making.”

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David Nebinski. Please see the episode for more accurate information)