Muriel Clauson

Working to Innovate to Make Work Better For People


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:10: Inception of Oppticity and how it started as a project. This is an example of a portfolio career. Oppticity is inspired by the Human Genome Project.

-4:00: Examples of how Oppticity’s software can be used

-7:00: Discussion on some of Muriel’s work as coaching for executives. She has also worked on many different projects analyzing people’s careers.

-9:00: After first learning about Industrial Organization Psychology, Muriel cold-called someone to learn more and ended up working for a women from that outreach.

-10:30: Since growing up, her purpose has been unlocking human potential and helping people find a bigger “yes” in their lives.

-14:00: Companies should look to have a culture of development. The importance for managers to understand what their team actually does because this is not usually the case.

-18:00: “Soft skills” >>> “Power Skills”

-21:00: Thinking about your career in terms of having many chapters and to constantly improve the chapter you are in now

-24:00: Muriel’s definition of a portfolio career

-26:00: Many employment opportunities in the Future of Work space. No one “owns it.”