CHris Schembra

Asking Better Questions For A Better Life


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Overview and inception of 7:47

-5:00: Quote from the first play that Chris produced — “don’t worry about people knowing you, make yourself worth knowing.” - Fiorello La Guardia

-6:00: Focus on doing something so good that people will talk about. It will attract people to be a part of what you are doing.

-8:30: Advice Chris once got —>> Focus = growth. And to focus on being known for one or two things and try to become one of the best in the world at that.

-11:00: How the 7:47 community and business got built, and Chris politely declining introductions and “picking your brain” is also beneficial to the other person too.

-13:00: Asking better questions can help you get ahead in life. Cal Fussman is great resource to improve your question asking.

-15:00: The same question that Chris asks at every 7:47 dinner. The reasoning behind that question. Chris wants others to use the same question too. Be the person that asks the questions and facilitates the conversation.

-21:00: Story about how Chris met and asked THE QUESTION to Bill and Melinda Gates. This led to Chris get even more excited about his research study on this question for a specific group of people.

-28:00: An overview on empathy and empathy exercises

-30:00: Ideas on how to start your own dinner series. Energy is the glue.

(Note: these are notes by David to serve as a guide. Please refer to the episode)