Conor MCCarthy

Leading and Coaching in Ireland With Philosophy, Software and Empathy


Episode Notes (by minute):

-4:00: How a philosophy class in college had a big impact on Conor.

-5:00: How “maybe a moment of madness” propelled Conor into starting his large outdoor festival company.

-8:00: How Conor thinks about human reinvention, and how at a prior low moment he became a bicycle mechanic and english teacher. “I needed to put myself on some kind of track to get myself back on track”

-11:00: Coaching exercises that Conor encourages people to go through when they are feeling a little bit stuck or unclear about how to reach their ambitions.

-12:00: How transformative the altMBA was for Conor, and how he describes pre=altMBA life and post-altMBA life.

-18:00: How Conor encourages people to write down the smallest next step in their project

-19:00: An overview of a project that Conor is working on called, Empathy Test.

-26:00: Conor’s advice to continuing to stick with projects longer

-27:00: Regarding career development, “being a generalist is going to be great, but have the staying power and necessity to understand enough that you can add-value is going to be important inside of that.”

-29:00: importance of writing and public speaking

-30:00: How Conor thinks about being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)