Ben BRadbury

Designing A Life Around Content That Matters


Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-0:45: How Ben’s portfolio career and thinking has shifted over the last 7 months, when we recorded our first episode together (LINK HERE)

-3:00: How Ben thought about designing his life after moving to London and truly working for himself. He started thinking what really was going to matter in 5-10 years and worked backwards from there. Started really focused on his writing and being consistent with.

-5:00: How Ben thinks about reading and the ROI it has for him.

-7:00: What Ben has learned being a podcast host and content strategist of his podcast — Subject Matter. Focusing on one big idea for each episode.

-8:00: How others should think creating content, the potential benefits of it, and how to get started.

-11:00: How Ben thought about picking his project, work, and the benefits of a portfolio career. Ben shares an example of how he found a client.

-15:00: How Ben thinks about LinkedIn, and ways to immediately have more of an impact and connection to others on the platform. An overview of Project 33 which helps leaders expand their ideas and message on LinkedIn.

-18:00: Related to building skills for mastery, Ben talks about empathy and communication in relation to skill building .

-20:00: How Ben thinks about getting better clients and partners. How Ben thinks creating long-lasting, time-tested content and impact.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for the interview and information)