Molly Sonsteng

Producing Playful Experiences Inside A Cave And Out

Molly Sonsteng Image.jpeg

Published Date: 9/19/19

Resources and Show Notes:

1) Caveday

2) Madcap Factory

3) Molly’s Instagram account

Episode Notes (by minute):

-2:00: A quick overview of Molly’s current interests and work

-3:00: Molly’s two main projects: 1) cofounder of CaveDay and 2) cofounder of Madcap Factory

-4:30: How Caveday creates an experience for people to do “deep work” and the origin story of Caveday.

-8:00: “When I am not doing CaveDay, which is serious and deep-work, I’m really focused on encouraging people to be more creative and connect through play.”

-8:30: Some of the projects underneath the umbrella of Madcap Factory: First Time Out, Inconspicuous Games, Small Smores.

-12:00: “And because in the end, all of this is in helping all grownups and adults to live life with more intention. And that means in your work, and in your play.”

-13:00: An overview on Molly’s five-year journey after leaving a tradition 9-5 job. Molly provides advice to others wanting to do the same.

-17:00: As cofounder of Caveday, Molly provides productivity tips for others to be able to do “deep work” while at home.

-21:00: Molly’s advice to anyone with an idea: “Just Do Something”

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David Nebinski. Please see the episode for more accurate information)