Alex Portera

Learn To Live Curiously and Produce Content With The Nowhere Men


Episode Notes (by minute):

-2:00: How Alex started his career as a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting and really loved it, but it was not for him.

-2:30: The origin story of Nowhere Men Adventures and a production company that owns Lonely Planet liked the initial international video that they did. They asked to fund a second trip of theirs. While they were waiting to hear back from that company, they decided to build an audience for a potential TV show.

-4:30: How they insisted on creating a weekly show and sticking to it

-5:00: While producing the videos, Alex started taking inventory of: what do I like? what am I good at? And what could I make money at? Copywriting became then Alex’s focus.

-8:30: Why consistency is so important for creative projects.

-10:00: How Alex used to spend so much time focused on the idea of “finding my passion.” He then read So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport and it was very freeing. The premise that resonated with Alex was: “stop looking for your passion, just starting putting in the work, and notice the things you are interested in.”

-13:00: Where Alex draws inspiration from. Alex advocates for people to take their next step.

-16:00: How Alex got involved with Medi Club and then eventually part of the leadership team there.

-18:00: How Alex overcomes imposter syndrome. He and his Nowhere Men created a digital Appreciation Jar Slack group to remember and revisit high-moments.

-22:00: How moving his freelancing copywriting clients to retainer arrangements has been so helpful.

-23:00: Why consistency is so important: “And you never know who’s watching your stuff. You never know whose life you’re impacting.”

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)