Running, Leading and Building Community Globally

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Published Date: 1/14/19


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Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-3:00: Yin’s mindset, goal-setting, and accountability

-3:40: Origin story of SheWorx, a collective across 7 cities for female leaders

-4:45: Her first half marathon and then getting hooked on pushing herself physically, and current marathon goals.

-7:15: Career and lifestyle design choices and frameworks, and how Yin got into the real estate investment business.

-9:45: Yin’s competitive professional advantage and how real estate aligned with that

-12:30: The two questions that Yin asks herself in evaluating her time and energy, and the value of a portfolio career

-18:00: Her “only” job as a teacher and work with Teach for America

-23:00: Mindset shift about resources and accomplishments needed to make a big impact on moving society forward

-24:00: Having empathy from moving to the US from rural China and the benefits of working in a restaurant

-28:00: Eliminating self-delusion

-32:00: We are in this journey together and there was always people that care about you and want you to succeed