Seth Godin

Taking Ownership of Your Portfolio Career


Episode Notes (by minute):

-1:45: How Seth typically introduces himself

-2:30: How Seth thinks about taking ownership of your portfolio career

-4:00: Seth’s definition of a career broken down into three parts

-4:45: An overview on The Podcasting Fellowship that Seth created with Alex DiPalma. David was a student in it during the summer of 2018. Seth details why he thinks starting a podcast is useful for one’s career.

-8:00: A discussion on Seth’s famous blog post titled, The World’s Worst Boss

-11:00: A discussion on Seth’s blog post titled, Thirty years of projects, and how people can create and find projects

-14:00: A discussion about typical conversations Seth has with people when he is interviewing them to work on a project with him

-15:00: A discussion about being a linchpin and how to be a linchpin at work

-17:00: “if you are applying for a job by sending a resume to an email address that you saw an ad about, you’re not going to get the job that you deserve,”

-19:00: “And we keep lying to ourselves. Because we say the most important we have is people, but then we treat our people like machines.”

-20:00: Ideas on assets to build to help your career.

-21:00: A breakdown between hard skills and real skills.

-24:00: “The alternative is to generous-down, find people who need a hand-up and give it to them. That if you can teach and organize, and open doors for other people with no recompense expected, the universe will generally line up and you give you a chance to do more generous-down.”

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)