An Unexpected Turn Led Her To Be An Early Pioneer And Thought Leader In The Blockchain Sector

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Published Date: 9/14/18


-Ashwini’s LinkedIn profile

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-3:00: Getting the startup itch while working at Buzzfeed, where she had a multi-faceted role.

-4:30: How Ashwini bootstrapped her business to support herself, while building OpenUp

-5:00: Her interesting experience at 500 Startups in San Francisco. She ended up meeting a lot of great people through it and which she created 22x Fund with many peers there.

-7:00: Quickly became an expert in the emerging blockchain technology. Completed a residency at TED.

-8:00: Effective time management and community can be needed to balance being a soloprenuer

-14:00: How writing has always opened up creativity for her.

-16:00: “I think really surprising things can happen because of if you just show up and do the work every day.”

-17:00: Using writing and data insights to bootstrap PR

-20:00: Involved with a few projects, workshops, and regular brainstorm sessions with friends to explore, test, and pitch ideas… some will grow. some will not.

-23:00: the startup community has a lot of empathy for one and another

=27:00: make sure you are financially ready to explore new ideas