Jillian Richardson

Living And Empowering A Portfolio Career Filled With Joy


Episode Notes (by minute):

-1:30: How Jillian started The Joy List and how Camp Grounded changed her life.

-2:30: How Jillian wants to help solve the loneliness problem in big cities.

-5:00: How Jillian knew that she wanted to be a writer at an early age. An overview of Jillian’s professional writing work, initially working at Contently.

-5:00: While producing the videos, Alex started taking inventory of: what do I like? what am I good at? And what could I make money at? Copywriting became then Alex’s focus.

-13:30: An overview of Hustle Fest, a one-day conference that Jillian helped co-produce

-16:00: How Jillian experiments and scratches her own itch with new projects and events.

-18:00: “I think my value is that I just really think that a huge problem that we have in this world is loneliness and disconnection. And anyone who creates spaces where people can connect are changing the world. And I want to empower those people and help them.”

-19:00: An overview of the freelancing writing market, and how Jillian believes the bar is set pretty low.

-22:00: Jillian shares a story about her friend, Duncan, and that when she first met him she did not anticipate how much he would change her life.

-25:00: Jillian talks about identity and femininity, and the impact the book The Heorine’s Journey had on her.

(Note: these are quick notes and takeaways by David. Please see the episode for more accurate information)