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Portfolio Career Podcast

Your host, David Nebinski, is here to help you!

Each weekly podcast is either:

A: provide stories and insights from people with existing portfolio careers;

B: a coach, teacher, trainer to help you build and grow your portfolio career;

C: a project builder or author

Who is this for?

Someone looking to start or grow a side hustle. Become a thought-leader in their field. Grow confidence to show their work to teach others. Better understand their key strengths.

My friend David has put together a podcast on making a portfolio career a reality. For those who don’t enjoy working in one job 40+ hours a week, David talks to real people who are actively getting income from multiple sources.

This is exactly the type of career I want for myself and it may help others too!
— Chris, who has been freelancing on and off for a few years now and finally made myself into a formal company.

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