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I wanted to provide a little bit an overview to hopefully help you better understand my story. And how you can hopefully build and grow your Portfolio Career through my work.

10 second bio

  • I live in Brooklyn, New York after moving here from San Francisco. Born in Great Falls, Virginia.

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How did I start Portfolio Career Podcast?

During Summer 2018, I started my podcast after completing The Podcasting Fellowship, led by Seth Godin and Alexandra DiPalma.

Since then, I have been honored to serve as a coach in The Podcasting Fellowship in the October 2018 and February 2019.

(please #50 for a personal and podcast overview and journey as as of April 2019)

brunchwork DSN profile photo.jpg

(some) other recent projects in my “Portfolio”:

-Former Head of New York for brunchwork (mentioned in Forbes)

-Former Head of Growth for TransitScreen (a partnership that I worked on was featured in the Chicago Tribune)

-Led, curated, and produced the Empathy Email Workshop at WeWork in New York City

-Launched SelfMade Stories, a podcast for SelfMade, a venture-backed startup in NY

David and Alex DiPalma Updated Photo.png

After thankfully recording episode with Alexandra DiPalma, a co-creator and lead of The Podcasting Fellowship (TPF) with Seth Godin. I would not be here without Alex, Seth and the TPF community. Thank you!