From Emojis To Wellness

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Published Date: 1/17/19


-Trail Mix Ventures

-Evan’s personal website

Episode Notes (by Minutes):

-2:00: Origin story of Swyft Media while in college at Notre Dame, and the high’s and low’s of being a founder

-5:00: His role at Trail Mix Ventures primarily serving as a coach to their portfolio companies

-9:20: An example of an effective “conscious culture” company that Trail Mix invested into — HENRY The Dentist

-12:00: How Trail Mix is building a platform for entrepreneurs and portfolio companies

-15:00: “Being present and laser focused” is extremely important for leaders and portfolio career workers. Lessons learned on this from from being the cofounder of Swyft

-17:00: The importance of asking questions and surrounding yourself with a trusted group of advisors.

-20:00: How to form new relationships and connections with people you respect

-21:00: His excitement to work for a female-led investment firm

-24:00: the types of companies and founders that Evan and Trail Mix tend to invest in

-25:00: the importance of picking the right work and partners in your portfolio career

-26:00 Evan and Swyft Media’s first emoji :)